Somewhat complete log of synthesizers, modules and other things I’ve built, fixed or modified

Jul’19Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Mk II10hp random looping sequencer
Jul’19Music Thing Modular Volts4hp Turing Machine gate expander
Jul’19Music Thing Modular Pulses 4hp Turing Machine gate expander
Jul’19Steffcorp Envelarp10hp ARP2600 ADSR / AR
Jul’19Mutable Instruments Module TesterEurorack module tester
Aug’19Yamaha DX7IIdBattery mod, replaced faulty switches and general cleanup
Oct’19Synthrotek Verb4hp triple PT2399 reverb
Nov’19Antumbra 6Mix6hp 6 channel mixer
Jan’20Erica Synths EG II8hp ADSR envelope generator
Jan’20Erica Synths EG II8hp ADSR envelope generator
Jan’20Erica Synths Polivoks VCO II12hp Polivoks VCO
Jan’20Erica Synths Mixer II6hp three channel mixer
Jan’20Erica Synths Polivoks VCF II10hp Polivoks VCF
Jan’20Erica Synths Polivoks VCA II8hp two channel VCA
Jan’20Antumbra MULT4hp buffered multiple
Jan’20Erica Synths Output II6hp stereo output & headphone
Feb’20Erica Synths Modulator II8hp LFO w. clockable S&H
Feb’20Erica Synths Polivoks VCF II10hp Polivoks VCF
Feb’20Erica Synths Polivoks VCO II12hp Polivoks VCO
Feb’20Horstronic Joystick14hp joystick for manipulating CV and audio
Apr’20Erica Synths MIDI-CV6hp dual MIDI-CV interface
Apr’20ST Modular Gene8hp cycling envelope generator
Apr’20Roland SR-JV expansion cardsReplaced capacitors
May’20Erica Synths BBD Delay14hp BBD Delay and Flanger
May’20Erica Synths Multimode VCF10hp Multimode (LP/BP/HP) AS3320 based VCF
May’20Erica Synths Multimode VCF10hp Multimode (LP/BP/HP) AS3320 based VCF
May’20Erica Synths Swamp14hp random CV and audio generator
May’20Kymatica Devices 2×2 Matrix6hp 2×2 matrix mixer
May’20Kymatica Devices LFO/SLEW/ENV8hp LFO, slew limiter and envelope generator
May’20Plankton Electronics ENVF2hp envelope follower
May’20Plankton Electronics Nutone8hp dual Nutube based VCA & distortion
May’20Plankton Electronics Spice VCF6hp LP/BP/HP VCF
May’20Plum Audio DSO + Expander14hp DSO150 oscillocope
Jun’20Michigan Synth Works Pique4hp MI Peaks clone
Jun’20Michigan Synth Works µO_C8hp polymorphic CV generator
Jun’20Michigan Synth Works t_µ8hp 6x multimode clock/rhythm generator
Jul’20Erica Synths Bassline16hp full analog synth voice
Jul’20Erica Synths Delay14hp delay with sync, hold, add & reverse functions
Jul’20Shakmat Modular Gemini’s Path6hp stereo & dynamics processor
Ayg’20Mutable Instruments Clouds18hp texture synthesizer
Aug’20Sonic Potions Penrose6hp quantizer
Aug’20Prok Modular BD4hp bassdrum
Aug’20Prok Modular CP4hp handclap
Aug’20Prok Modular SN4hp snare
Aug’20Prok Modular HH4hp hi-hat
Sep’20Mutable Instruments Braids16hp VC monophonic digital sound source
Sep’20Shakmat Modular Clock O’Pawn6hp clock/transport with MIDI clock input and variable swing control
Sep’20Westlicht Per|former23hp advanced step sequencer
Oct’20Erica Synths Multimode VCF10hp Multimode (LP/BP/HP) AS3320 based VCF
Oct’20Mutable Instruments Warps10hp modulator
Nov’20Plum Audio Wave Painter14hp dual channel oscilloscope
Nov’20Roland SR-JV expansion cardsReplaced capacitors
Dec’20Antumbra MULT4hp buffered multiple
Dec’20Antumbra MULT4hp buffered multiple
Jan’21Antumbra Grid8hp MI Grids
Jan’21Monome Norns ShieldOpen source sound shield for Raspberry Pi
Jan’21Plum Audio Rack Plumber BSP6hp patch cable breakout for Beatstep Pro
Feb’21Roland JV-1080Converted from 100V to 240V
Feb’21Antumbra Knit6hp MI Plaits
Feb’21Mutable Instruments Tides14hp looping AD envelope generator
Apr’21Antumbra Grid8hp MI Grids
Apr’21Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen20hp step sequencer
Apr’21Neutron Sound Dust of Time16hp dual stereo oscillator with modulators
May’21Neutron Sound Dust of Time16hp dual stereo oscillator with modulators
Jul’21Steffcorp VCF261212hp ARP 2600 4012 Filter
Jul’21Bob Moran Nearness6hp stereo panning mixer
Jul’21Bob Moran Stereo Output2hp passive stereo output
Sep’21Bad Pixel Neo ControllerTiny Neopixel controller
Sep’21Roland JD-990100V to 240V conversion
Oct’2116n Faderbank16 faders, CC over USB/minijack MIDI, CV
Oct’21Cyclone TT-303Replaced faulty resonance potentiometer
Nov’21Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger6hp dual stereo filter
May’22ASM Hydrasynth DesktopReplacing a damaged FPC connector
CurrentRoland CR-8000Refurbing all switches and installing a Tubbutec MIDI-kit
CurrentKorg Wavestation A/DReplacing trashed components after it had been dropped
CurrentDinSync RE-303Roland TB-303 replica
CurrentThe Human Comparator TTSHARP 2600 clone
Current1601 SequencerArp 1601 Sequencer clone
CurrentRoland RS-09 MkIIWorking. Just needs some TLC
CurrentBad Pixel Kontrollen1U 12hp LFO based on David Halliant’s Simple LFO
CurrentJak Plugg uTest12hp version of the MI Module Tester
CurrentBoss RCL-10General refurb
Current2x Buchla 291Dual Voltage Controlled Filter
Current2x Buchla 292cQuad Lopass Gate
Upcoming2x Buchla 207Mixer / Preamplifier
Upcoming2x Buchla 258dDual Oscillator
Upcoming2x Buchla 281Quad Function Generator
Upcoming2x Buchla 230dTriple Envelope Follower
UpcomingKorg MS2000No sound. Probable DSP fail
UpcomingRoland JP-8080Sound out from HP only. Cap change
UpcomingRoland Juno-106Total refurb